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Cutest picture ever taken, circa 1965

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Rich, the Brother

Being the youngest of five kids, Rich learned the special skill of how to care and yet avoid manipulation.  As a result, Rich became the glue - the guy that transcended the drama.  

Rich, the Uncle

Rich never lost his childhood spirit. He could get down with the best of them - from playing monster that would send every child screaming with excitement or swinging them on the swings in the fun and exciting way only Uncle Rich could do -  making him the favorite uncle of all his nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews.

Classic Uncle Rich with Cammy

Rich, being Rich. But we wish we had a picture of the time he got stopped by the police for "playing the guitar while driving".  The officer was going to ticket him, but didn't know how.  It was one of Rich's favorite story.

Only Uncle Rich could have the privilege of walking his Goddaughter down the aisle on September 22, 2007.

Rich, the Photographer

The lake behind Franklin Rod and Gun Club taken by Rich in 2015.

"Seeing Orange"  In the eyes of this homeless man, is Rich's image taking his picture. This picture hung in the  gallery event at The Sprinkler Factory, an old factory warehouse for popular artists space and gallery. 

The family on SuperBowl 2018, taken by Rich. Notice Rich's reflection in  the window. This was the last time the Annunciata family would see RIch.

Saying Goodbye (August 17)

Sending sky lanterns with personalized good-byes written on