Rich, The Candidate

2002 Candidate for Lt Governor of Massachusetts

In 2002, Rich was the Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, running as Carla Howell's running mate on the platform of small government and ending state income tax.  Read more at  Wikipedia and Carla Howell Campaign Site (archive)

Carla Howell Remembers Rich.

Rich on Ending the Income Tax

Rich on WGBH

Waltham City Council

As a strong believer that self-government begins at home, Rich ran for Ward 8 City Councillor in 2003 and headed a very impressive local tax cut initiative that would have given back about $1000 per year to the average Waltham taxpayer. To stop his proposed tax cut, unions brought in members from around the state to campaign against it.

Liberty Direct Coordinator

Rich served as the Liberty Direct Coordinator for the 2002 ballot initiative to end the state income tax. Liberty Direct was a volunteer-driven campaign to reach voters about the benefits of ending the income tax.

Spokesman for Ballot to End State Income Tax

In 2008, Rich was a spokesman for the 2008 statewide ballot initiative to end the state income tax and for the 2010 statewide ballot initiative to cut the state sales tax in half. He was also a major contributor to the 2010 initiative website where he compiled a long list of government waste. Remember at

Small Government Summit

In 2009, Rich was a key spokesman at the Small Government Summit. 

Franklin Board of Health

In 2011, Rich took on the issue of fluoridation and ran for the Franklin Board of Health to end forced fluoride medication in the town’s drinking water.  Learn more about Rich's views on forced fluoridation at Franklin Matters 

Listen to Rich on the Pandemic Panel Part 1 and Part 2.

Rich is presenting signatures collected at Waltham City Hall

Condolences from Ron Paul

Condolence from Ron Paul

"Rich was a true freedom fighter ... Getting to know people like Rich has always been a source of encouragement for me." Ron Paul

Rich was a 2002 Delegate at the Libertarian National Convention

Libertarian Gubernatorial Campaign

2002 Massachusetts Libertarian Candidates

Rich and Carla Howell during 2002 Governor/Lt. Governor Campaign.

Rich speaking before Cambridge School of Weston