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The Hidden Danger of Government-administered Vaccinations


Vaccines today are a well-established medical reality. Millions of Americans choose to be vaccinated every year. We sign our consent forms acknowledging the risk of injury, assuming the risk is small because traditionally it has been.

One of the reasons for vaccines' relatively low injury rate historically has been pharmaceutical responsibility and accountability for their products; if anything went wrong, they were potentially liable for the damages just as any other reckless manufacturer would be.

So drug makers were careful to test and re-test and test again before releasing their new products to market. But increasingly Big Pharma is cultivating a lucrative and cozy relationship with government whereby they will not only enjoy civil and legal immunity if they cause harm, they will even have health officials across America literally pushing their products for them. A recipe for huge corporate profits trumping public safety.

Concern grew in 2009 when a novel swine flu vaccine of dubious contents was rushed to market by a pharmaceutical industry that had become so embedded with government that Beacon Hill even tried to pass mandatory vaccination legislation that year. Those of us who recalled the swine flu vaccine disaster of 1976 saw potential for history repeating with the hasty government rampup of the H1N1 vaccine.

Fortunately, history did not repeat in 2009. But we might not be so lucky next time.

To ensure vaccines will be safe and effective for future generations we must return full accountability for their safety back to the drug manufacturers. No more free ride of civil and legal immunity for wealthy corporations. And we must get government bureaucrats out of the business of pushing Big Pharma's new products for them. Let's restore the very serious business of vaccinating the public to real medic
al professionals who live by the Hippocratic Oath.

Rich Aucoin will work to protect the public's trust in vaccines by keeping politics and medicine as separate as possible.