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Why Rich Aucoin for Board of Health?

Local health boards are the only governmental bodies in Massachusetts that have the power to bypass individuals' Informed Consent rights and force-medicate citizens. This power was apparently established in 1905 when a Cambridge man was forced to pay a $5 fine for refusing to take a smallpox vaccine that he did not trust. Sadly, individual medical choice suffered a serious setback when the man was forced to pay that fine. But notice that even though the man lost his case in court, he still was afforded a reasonable alternative to taking a medication that he didn't want. He could pay the $5 fine instead.

Not so with fluoridation. There is no reasonable alternative to accepting a medication that is pumped directly into your water supply whether you consent or not, unless your family happens to be wealthy enough to afford high-priced fluoridation removal equipment or a private well. Plus, fluoride is not even a life-saving drug, which means there is no conceivable epidemiological justification for forcing it on an entire population. Where is the health emergency? How many people have died from a toothache?

So even if the current health board members could cite data showing their program is safe and effective  -- they admit they have no data showing either -- the program still makes no sense whatsoever. The vast majority of the $36,000/yr fluoride is flushed down our toilets, sprayed on our lawns and gardens, poured down our sinks - never reaching the intended target : teeth.

If industrial-grade sodium fluoride is really the valuable medication we are told it is, then why are we washing our cars with it? What other valuable medication is dispensed in such a bizarre and inefficient manner?

While restoring Informed Consent Rights for Franklin residents is my primary reason for running, I am also the product of eleven years in the restuarant business, from 1978 to 1989, gaining a wealth of knowledge about public dining facilities in the process.