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About Rich
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Since 1998 Rich Aucoin has been one of Massachusetts' busiest antiwar and civil liberties advocates, supporting dozens of local, legislative, congressional, and presidential campaigns aimed at reducing government abuse of power.

In 2002 Rich was the Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor of Massachusetts. He ran twice for Waltham City Council on a platform of taxpayer justice and most recently ran for Board of Health in Franklin in 2011 on the platform of ending forced fluoride medication through the town's drinking water

In addition to government transparency and accountability, Rich is passionate about restoring peace. In 2006 he spearheaded a successful legislative ballot measure in the 10th Middlesex House district which instructed Democratic Representative Peter Koutoujian to sponsor a resolution demanding Congress bring our troops home from the undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rich has delivered dozens of speeches at high schools and colleges across Massachusetts, including the Kennedy School of Government and the Cambridge School of Weston.

Advocates for Self Government twice granted Rich Aucoin the Lights of Liberty award for his commitment to freedom.

Rich lives by the wise words of Rosa Parks in his work towards peace and justice: "We had no way of knowing that all our hard work and struggle would eventually pay off; we just kept putting one foot in front of the other."